Delilah. Lost and Found.

Exactly one month ago on November 21, Delilah bolted from her on leash walk and Campbell Riverites sprang into action and began searching for her. You may remember my "lost dog" posts on Facebook. Well... she was on her own, in the woods fending for herself for a month. In the cold, wet and wild for a month. Crazy. What wild stories she could tell. Two days ago she wound up on the porch near the area she was lost.

She finally gave up. Turned herself in. She was home. A total Christmas Miracle. Seriously.

A complete article about the miraculous and happy re-union can be found here in the Courier Islander Ryan got some amazing advice from a couple professional trackers over the phone. That advice led Ryan and Scott (Dogs Best Friend) to stop posting any sightings or info about Delilah on social medial as every time a sighting was posted, caring people would start looking for her, calling her and she would disappear for longer. This article (and group) was incredibly helpful and inspiring. Ryan and Scott needed to do it on their own. They decided to stop posting about her (which made people crazy) but they felt they needed to do to try and get this poor pup home. They found her tracks in the snow and began baiting her... it seemed to be working. When they would get a sighting, they wouldn't tell anyone. A few days later, she turned herself in. Throughout it all, Scott and Ryan were determined to get her home. Determined and focused on being positive.

Throughout the month Delilah was out in the woods, Campbell Riverites were incredibly caring. Loving. Searching. Hundreds of kind souls were hanging lost dog posters, writing newspaper articles, sharing the story on facebook, lending trap cameras, and even a live trap. People were out in the dark looking, out all day looking, looking for a happy ending. They were sending her love from afar, they were loosing sleep, they were praying. I know that from my end, my family and I are incredibly grateful for everyones efforts. For every prayer, every kind word, every moment spent away from your lives to look for Delilah. We are so lucky to live in such a caring community and from the Wallis' to you all, thank you so much for everything. Thank you also to the Courier Islander (Sian) for loving dogs so much and for being so inspired by Delilahs story that you got it on the front page of the paper. That article, made all the difference.

This afternoon in the pouring rain I met with Ryan, Ashley, Delilah and their other family members Kenny and Moose. Delilah gave me a few barks and I swear she was saying "thanks". She's skinny, yes. I keep seeing people posting about how skinny she is. I keep thinking... " BUT SHE IS ALIVE. SHE IS HOME". Ryan and Ashley have been advised to feed her slowly, to avoid making her sick. They say she's back to snuggling on the couch and doesn't like to go outside right now. She's dehydrated and malnourished, but she'll get there. A dog than can endure freezing cold nights, wild animals, and the woods is going to be just fine in a loving house being nursed back to health by her family. I kept looking at her wondering what stories she has. What happened out there. The most fascinating part, is that none of us will ever know.

In a world where there is so much focus on negative news... I think a Christmas miracle is just what the doctor ordered. Don't you just love happy endings. I know I do. From our house to yours, Thank You and wishing you the most cozy and peaceful holiday possible. ox