Simple treasures

Dear Maisie, There are simple treasures everywhere. You just have to choose to see them. Some of my most beautiful treasures are watching you with your dad. There is great beauty in moments. Heartbreakingly glorious moments. Today, we had a great mommy Maisie treasure hunt. I love to go in search of treasures.

A drive along the seemingly motionless sea, the light soft on the water, your voice dancing in my ears as you played with your bunny and kitty in the back seat. We strayed a little off course to "go find daddy". "Surprise him" we said. Unplanned, unexpected. You were saying "daddy...daddddy, where are you" and we searched through the isles for him. When you saw him, I thought your heart and his may burst. An unexpected joy. You crawled up onto his shoulder and hugged him for what looked like forever. In that moment, through my tear filled eyes, in that unplanned authentic moment of joy... the three of us were perfect. To me. For us.

The most simple treasures Maisie, are the best kind. There are treasures everywhere. I hope you always find them, even when you're not looking for them.

Love you sweet girl, Mom