Monday Morning, with love.

I'm doing a project right now and the fella I'm doing it with, (details to come later) asked me to think about "why I do what I do". Oh ya, I thought, no biggie... I spit out about a million ideas, and sentences and stumbled around them for a while. I wrote some things down, and everything pretty much says the same thing.

My girl Shannon took the above photo of me yesterday morning during a really special family photo shoot. A seriously wonderful family. The mom, (hugging me here) has just gone through some major health issues over the past few months. Her three sons and their beautiful families live from Campbell River to Fort McMurray. Everyone got together. To just 'be' together. The gratitude poured out from everyone, but mostly from Bev. Their beautiful mom. It makes me an emotional wreck when I see her burst into tears when I suggested doing a photo of her with the grand babies. So, when the shoot is over and she comes in for the biggest hug ever, you know... that what you are doing, means something. The photo above, pretty much sums up my "why" I do what I do.

I'll share more from this beautiful session soon. But this morning, I've just got to play with my wild two year old who is currently playing (or something like playing) her toy piano with fishing plugs. This girl's got personality. Me on the computer this morning is just NOT going to fly with her.

But, just before I go, I am also INCREDIBLY excited to share that Stacey and Eddie's breathtaking wedding is being featured on Style Me Pretty today. As if that isn't a great way to start a week.

So grateful, so blessed. So honored. Have an amazing week. I'll be back. oxxo