To be a family.

She wanted images that captured the good stuff. The real stuff. No dressing up and posing. Just her beautiful, quirky, unique, loving family making a pancake breakfast. I.WAS.THRILLED. Nothing better to me, than a family... doing what they love to do, and something as natural as curling up to sleep each night. Everyone with their usual roles. Clarke cracking the eggs. Libby cutting the bananas (and sampling the batter) Celeste making the icing, Garrett peeling apples (perfectly) and assisting me withe the artistic direction, Riley manning the griddle and mom (creative soul and master planner at Dolphins Resort) and dad (culinary genius and head chef at Dolphins Resort) offering loving hands and sweet and funny words along the way. The breakfast was delicious, the company divine and the home oozing the warmth and love. The kind of love that can only be created with a wise, passionate and vibrant family. Blessed. Thank you for choosing me. xo