Studying Maisie

It's like in daily life I forget to study you. I am doing stuff, you are doing stuff (you are always busy... putting diapers on Elmo, laughing at Frank, playing with the kitties, bunnies, reading books, running from room to room... just throwing stuff on the floor and singing) I forget there are other rooms in the house to explore. We venture into our bedroom, and our bed becomes Disneyland. The plain white sheets become a blanket of fun, a new adventure. The window, our door to making up stories and singing songs to the passing cars. Safe and warm... watching the people stream by. Where are they going? "home" you say... or "wuuurk". I say, maybe they are going to get "pizza" and you sing "piiiiiiiza. piiiiizzzzza." maybe they are taking their dog for a walk. "FRAAAANKIE" you yell. It seems so simple. But, it's us. Our days. Our cherished, sweet moments that I study you as you flail all over the bed. Then you have moments where you stop also, you seem to study me as well. Or, just plotting your next big move. Whatever it is, whatever we do, I love studying you. Who will you be, who are you now. How you bring our house to life in the most beautiful way. I hope we always have these simple moments, infused with sweetness.

It's Christmas time Maisie Lu, and I just can't stop studying your funny little spirit and your great big soul. May our Christmases always be safe and warm. So much love, mom.