Painfully Inspired.

When it comes to my business, my craft, my imagery... I am self proclaimed to be painfully inspired. There is no other way to describe it. I obsess over details, ideas and how to bring them to life. Not in a planned out sort of way, but more of a late night bath thoughts sort of way. I've imagined the header of my blog changed to be more grey for a long time now. Which led me to need the perfect west coast fall grey day. Grey days generally equal a bit of rain, which isn't the greatest for photographing artwork. I knew it couldn't be forced but I wanted it to happen so badly! There were so many elements that needed to fall into place for this shoot to happen. I have wanted it to happen for about six months now. Bryce looked at me like I was crazy today when I said we were going for it today... "maybe you should schedule a day and do it then" he said staring out the window at the rain coming down sideways. "You're really going to do this in the rain?" I wasn't sure it would actually happen, but I had make up on and my hair was done and all you mommy's out there know as well as I do, that if you've taken the time to do both of those things... and also put on a cute outfit... You're certainly not going to just sit around the house. "I'm trying anyways" I said.

Shannon said to me today, "there is patience in creativity". Patience up to a point. It was 11.11.11. It doesn't happen often, in fact, only once every one hundred years. Today was that day. The weather way grey. There was a scheduled shoot that needed to have the time changed, there was our window. Of course, Shannon was up to it and off we went, armed with canvases and driftwood easels and a laundry basket full of clothes and cameras. It was pouring. We sat in the truck for an hour. Both somewhat resigned to the idea that the shoot wasn't going to happen. I was discouraged, but it was ok.

She got out of the truck to take her dog out for a minute and the next thing I knew, my door was flung open and she was yelling at me "this is our window! Louise! Get out of the truck." She was pulling canvases out of the truck and within minutes we were on the beach in the first dry 10 minutes out of hours of rain. These images were created in 15 minutes, and then... it started to pour again, and us... as always dragging sandy canvases and gear off the beach laughing trying to keep everything dry. I will treasure them always, for the memories and for the painfully inspired manor in which it always comes together.

A few days ago I was feeling disheartened. Uninspired. Just a tiny bit.. blahhh about photography. I shot two amazing sessions yesterday and two again today. My advice to anyone who feels this way, is to keep working. Keep creating. Push through the uninspired and reach through and be inspired again. Don't sit around and wait for it. Just listen to your muse, and carry on. Keep shooting. Keep creating. Keep going. I choose painfully inspired any day. Thank you Thelma for always being ready for anything. Friends, I promise.... Anything is possible.