A toy story: Maisie and Ruby.

Dear Maisie, Every night when you are tucked into your crib we clean up your toys. All of the books go back into the teepee. The stray toys go into the cedar hope chest that my grandparents gave me when I graduated. I fold up your little blankie and put it on your little couch and then I put Ruby back onto your little chair beside Franks bed. She stays there every night until at some point the next day you decide its time for her to get out. Usually you grab her ever so delicately by the hair and toss her to the floor. "Tea Party" you say and throw a little plastic tea cup at her. You take a big swig of your imaginary tea and say "eeeeelisshious". I let you know that I think Ruby needs a refill and you pretend pour her some more. "mmmmmm".

During the day I'll find Ruby on Franks bed, face down on the floor or in some other random location. You also think it's funny to sit on her and yell "yeeeehawwww". Auntie Heather bought you Ruby before you were even born. I've never been more excited about a toy in my life. She is handmade and awesome and Auntie Heather told me that I have to let you PLAY with her. She said, she wanted you to be able to drag Ruby anywhere with you and get her dirty and well worn in. So, we play hide and seek with Ruby. The other day, it was in our front yard. I hide her, and we yell "RUBBBBY! RUBY!!!" Until we find her. Even when you find her, you still insist on yelling for her. Daddy said that the other day he took you outside (without Ruby) and you were yelling for her and looking for her anyways.

There are many moments in each day when I have no idea what I'm doing. I wonder if I am doing anything right with you, or if I am making endless mistakes. But, we are happy. We are free. We hide dolls in our yard and laugh when we find them. We might be doing a few things backwards or just flat out wrong, but it's the very best kind of days I can think of. I love you sweet girl. Every day is a journey, a road to discovering new things about each other, about life and about you. How can this possibly be wrong. I love our days together Maisie Lucinda. Love them. Every. Single. One. xoxoxo Love mom.