Nicole and Steve

It was pouring rain on Friday in Sechelt, BC. The Painted Boat Resort looked amazing, even in the rain. The leaves were amazing, the scenery divine. I was prepared for rain. I woke up Saturday to blue skies and sunshine. I believe I used up every bit of 2011 luck for my weddings this year.

Saturday October 22 made me believe that everybody should have fall weddings. Everything is better in the fall. The colors, the air... the climate. Everything. Nicole and Steve were precisely who I needed to wrap up an amazing 2011 wedding season with. Nicole has always been "real". She's awesome. I try and come up with another word for her, but "real" it is. A bit nervous, anxious to get on with the good times, and all the while radiating total beauty. We graduated high school together, almost burned down her parents back yard together, and played sports and always laughed together. So, when I met Steve at Melanie's beautiful wedding this March, I knew that they were a great pair. I am not sure (at Mels wedding) that me trying to force him to drink tequila was all that professional, but Nicole assured me that, that is why they love me and hired me. YIKES. In any case, their wedding was perfect. A beautiful, sunny Sunshine Coast Wedding. Full of gorgeous autumn colors and beauty. It couldn't have been more amazing. I am grateful for such an beautiful ending, to such a fabulous season. Nicole and Steve! May you always have sunshine... even when there is none for miles around. Much love ox.