Happiest Halloween Ever

We did it. It was a huge success. I photographed over 200 dressed up cuties in 3 hours. We raised $2740 for Cystic Fibrosis Canada and I had the Happiest Halloween Ever. For real. On the morning of the shoot, we were all ready the amazing Campbell River Cystic Fibrosis Volunteers were there with their witch hats, setting up coffee donated by Tim Hortons, cookies donated by Thrifty Foods and candy also. It was 10:20am on Sunday October 30th (the shoot started at 11) and there was not a soul in sight. (besides us) I was mortified. I looked worriedly at my trusted sidekick Shannon Andrews Design and said "what if no one comes". I hoped you would come. 10:30... you came. It was amazing. Beautiful. Hilarious and awesome. It was exactly as I had envisioned it to be... only better. How did we do it? With amazing support from a beautiful community.

Roy Williams from the Campbell River Common Mall and Indoor Storage Solutions... thank you for opening doors for us as we dragged large quantities of props, pumpkins and lights. For helping me haul driftwood in and for being generous to open up your Mall for our fundraiser. THANK YOU.

Amy and clan from the Willows Market... thank you for graciously allowing us to borrow all of your birdcages, crows, cool chairs, signs and every awesome article in your amazing market. We love you all and are so grateful to have joined forces with you!!!

Ryan Lim!!! For creating the worlds most perfect wainscot floor and background, and the cutest and coolest chalkboards... EVER. YOU ARE A GENIUS. Thank you!

Chris Black and all of the CF volunteers... thank you for walking up and down the long line up, handing out candy and Fright Lights and cookies. You really, truly made a world of difference and everyone has commented on how great you all were in your awesome witch hats! THANK YOU.

Ayaz, Sharilyn and Jan at Sure Copy!!! Thank you so much for GENEROUSLY donating each and every sign we hung, all of the handouts and the big signs also. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Bryce Cockburn of Next Level Training (hockey training sessions) for hitting the beach and finding the perfect driftwood chunks for our set, and when I painted 4 of them white and hated it and wanted 4 new pieces, thank you for not complaining when you grabbed your chainsaw and headed back to the beach for more. Thank you for doing extra with our girl and in our world, so that I can create wild and awesome events like this one. You are my favorite.

Thrifty Foods for donating candy and snacks!!! THANK YOU! You made a long line of kids very happy with your treats!!!

Tim Hortons for your coffee contribution!!! Thank you!!!

Carol Chapman at A Cut Above in the mall, Thank you for always being 100% on board with our big ideas. For talking about it, to hanging posters and being extra supportive. Campbell River is so lucky to have you. Thank you!

My mom. Who was sadly at a funeral and could not make it. Thank you for all of your running around before the event, and for watching Maisie for me while I painted and perfected the set. We missed you, but knew that you made the right choice. It wasn't quite the same without you!!! (no Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser likely is!!!) Thank you for all of your love and support!!!

Cait Holmes from Dominion Lending for taking time out of your life, to come down JUST to hand deliver us nice coffee's! YOU ARE AMAZING. Thank you!!!

To all of the parents of each and every child who came out. Thank you. Yup... YOU. You took time out of your busy day to dress your child up, wait for an hour in a line up all to support an amazing cause. Your hearts and beautiful children made us all incredibly happy. You. Are. Beautiful. Thank you.

To my trusted sidekick and fabulous friend. Shannon Andrews of Shannon Andrews Design. Thank you for instantly being on board when I mentioned my idea to you initially. Thank you for designing each and every poster. For bringing your contagious energy and enthusiasm to decorating and also to the dirty work, like carrying heavy things and set up and take down. You took time out of your already busy life as a full time educator of young minds and graphic designer. You are a rare gem. Thank you for making everyone who entered our event feel welcome and awesome. Thank you.

Halloween Photos slowly making their way ONLINE... VISIT THIS LINK... http://photos.erinwallis.com/halloween find your little cutie and click on the image. You will see it get big! Scoll over the image and you will see a small "menu" up on the top left of the photo. Scroll over MENU and choose DOWNLOAD, and then.... ORIGINAL. voila... You have your photos.

Please PLEASE have patience as there over 400 more images being uploaded and it will likely take until tomorrow night to be uploaded and finished! They are not necessarily in order either and you might see more later.

Every single one of you... are awesome. Thank you for joining me on this adventure. I absolutely LOVED it. Happy Halloween! or as Maisie would say "HAPPPY AWEEE"

ps. a few of you that couldn't make it out have expressed a desire to still contribute. YOU ARE AWESOME. Contributions can be made directly here http://www.crcf.ca/donate-to-cystic-fibrosis.htm