Franko is 3

Happy 3rd birthday to Frank the Vizsla.

3 years ago you changed our life and made my anxiety levels rise through the roof, bit my sleeves as I walked around, whined at the door, barked at everything and ran circles around our home and our life.

Our life was forever more wild, complicated and simply beautiful all at the same time. Your sad eyes have forced me away from the computer on more than one occasion and I'm grateful for every moment watching you fearlessly bound through the trails trying to get every dog in your path to chase you. You are more entertainment than I ever knew possible. You've been scared by vacuums, lawn mowers and swiffers. You've chased rescue eagles (in crates) and continue to bark when the slightest noise is made around home. You can run faster than most dogs we meet, and can fetch a chuck-it like it's going out of style. You've eaten Bryce's favorite slippers, chewed our molding, and eat popcorn like it's raw meat. You have the worst gas I've ever smelled and give the best hugs. The crazier you are, the harder Maisie laughs. Every day of my pregnancy you walked closer to me and snuggled up as if you knew our time with just "us" was drawing to an end. You've been my most cherished silent friend.

Since Maisie entered our life, it has undoubtedly been more challenging to get you out into the world regularly. We are so thankful for Uncle Scotty and his incredible services at DOGS BEST FRIEND. We honestly couldn't have done it without you Scott!!

The bottom line is, we've made it three years pup, and as crazy as it makes us when you bark uncontrollably at us and at our poor sweet neighbors (SORRY ANGELA AND MELVIN) we can't imagine our lives without you.