Fall is my favorite.

Dear Maisie, All seasons are beautiful. Of course. But, there is something special about the fall. A time for family hibernation and soup. Cool crisp air, warm and cozy homes, leaves changing colors... and falling. Your great grandpa's apples ready. Sweaters, scarves, woodstoves and most importantly... boots. Fall is my favorite, and I've never quite enjoyed it as much as this year... with you. You make everything more fun. Rolling around in the leaves. Seeing a bug and then yelling, at the top of your lungs... "BUUUUUG. BUUUUUGGGGGG. BUG. BUUUUG."

These moments might not seem like a lot now... but I know in a few years, I'll be thinking back on the time we rolled around in the leaves, you burning around, laughing, kicking and yelling. Us, playing with you... but mostly just marveling at your free spirited wildness. You bring us, pure joy. I love you sweet girl. ox