Sole and Dan

She stepped out of the limo and literally took my breath away. Surrounded by her warm and loving bridesmaids, she just glowed. Her beautiful mom walking towards us, with tears of love gleaming in her eyes. Sole still seemingly unsure of herself and insisting she wasn't photogenic. Me... beyond thrilled to be a part of the magic.

When you've known a family for as long as I've known this one... you completely "get" it. You know to not pay too much attention to little Juvio at first, because he gets overwhelmed and a bit shy. You know that all it takes for Sole to loosen up and be more comfortable in front of the camera is to tell her to shake those little Chilean hips. You know that it will be incredibly important to the amazing Auntie (Tia) Sole to have images with her beautiful nieces and nephews. You know that it will be your main job to ensure that her father doesn't hijack the photo session. It was all incredible. I had many silent tears drip down my cheeks seeing Sole so happy, seeing Dan full of anticipation. Seeing them both in love, so young, so vibrant, so full of life... getting married, in front of Hatley Castle. It's the sort of thing, dreams are made of.

May your lives be full of joy, adventure and endless blessings. So much love to you both. ox