Jacquie and Pat

Jacquies father spoke about having moments in his life "flashes" that he would always remember. Rocking his baby girl, sun streaming in at a 45 degree angle, walking her down the isle, blue skies set above the people who love them dearly. I believe that those moments are treasures. This wedding was full of treasures. Not only the perfect Jimmy Choo sparkly shoes, or the Tiffany's necklaces, but treasures that have true and profound value. Their August 6 wedding was incredibly meant to be. Everything was beautiful, memorable and infused with love.

They waited 12 years to get married, and they arrived at their wedding full of stories, full of life and swimming with love. There is so much you could say about Jacquie and Pat, but I feel the looks on the faces of those they love and cherish most... say it best. They are loved.

Jacquie is described as being an amazing healer, working as a nurse with children who need her. Pat can make even the most stern face... burst into laughter. I think everyone who was a part of their wedding, and is a part of their lives, know how valuable and emotional their wedding memories are, and will be forever. A true testament to living life presently, in each moment and savoring every delicate, fleeting instant as it happens. When you live with intention and love, your moments will all be treasures.

May you both be surrounded by life's blessings always, and may the universe wrap it's expansive and warm arms around you always, but especially right now. I am forever humbled and honored to have been a part of something so beautiful. In loving memory of June Hole. In Jacquie's words... "She was an incredible woman. She would do anything and give anything to anyone. Her spirit is unmatched. " Savor each fleeting moment.