Sara and Chris

She was composed, calm and serene. "Ready and excited to marry Chris" she said. He was ready and nervous, being harassed by his groomsmen who were all wishing they had printed their speeches earlier (when they had a printer around). "I'm going to cry" he said.

I was inspired before I even got to them, and was so excited to create images with them. "We get to make art today" I told Sara. It's a beautiful thing. He watched her walk down the isle with tears in his eyes and they exchanged heartfelt, emotional vows in front of all of the people who love them the most. Vertical blinds leaking light, a rose garden, beautiful home, amazing old cars and big full dark rain clouds that waited to release the rain until my last portrait was taken (last one in series here).

In one word. Magic. It was the perfect day for Sara and Chris to be married. It just was.. May you two be surrounded by blessings, always.