Never wanted nothing more.

I never had a plan. I didn't. I didn't see myself in the future. Didn't have an idea of what I wanted my life to be. I just lived it. I just went moment to moment.

Living on cruise ships for 6 years will turn anyone into a bit of a gypsy. Sailing different seas, wandering the shorelines of many different countries, breathing in the air from foreign cultures, smelling Moroccan spices, Egyptian pyramids, Italian trattorias, and Thai food cooking on the streets. Craving the next big adventure. I wasn't sure I would ever stay still long enough to own a home, a car or have my clothes in drawers. It took a while, it took countless experiences. But, when I was done with ships... I was done. Putting the pieces together for a photography career on land. A few weddings each summer while traveling turned into more. I was home. Loving the air here. The salty, damp, west coast air. I started. I jumped. I trusted. I didn't have a plan. Just had my gypsy heart and all sorts of inspiration.

Dancing around the kitchen this morning with Maisie Lu, I realized that I may not be able to enjoy her as much if she was part of a plan. You can't plan miracles. She is the result of two lives. Bryce's and mine, coming together at exactly the right time. As we spun around to Kenny Chesney, with barefeet on the cool tile floor, laughing and hugging. His words filled the kitchen.

"And I'm sure happy With what I've got. I live to love and laugh a lot, And thats all I need.

Never wanted nothin' more. And I never wanted nothin' more."

If I could go back I would tell myself "It will be better than you can imagine. Just trust me." Potentially saving me a few tears, heartaches and stresses about decisions. I wish I could tell myself. "You are making the right choices. Even the wrong ones, are right."

If you don't have a big plan... sometimes life unfolds the most beautiful mysteries, right before your eyes.