A labor of love

I'm not the baby book girl. I have written down very little. I'm not best at recording what day you first smiled, first laughed, first ate solid foods. However, it is all documented. With images. A labor of love.

I've created a portion of my blog devoted to Maisie Lu. "Letters to Maisie". I'm not exactly sure what the format will be yet, but I do know it will be full of Maisie Lu, our daily adventures and I'm excited about one day, being able to look back on my own version of a baby book, with Maisie... and remember it all.

Clicking on the category "Letters to Maisie" on the side of my blog will take you to our daily adventures and my letters to my girl.

All of your comments and love and support on my journey this far as a new mom, have been so comforting and inspiring. Thank you for your love. xo