The Gratitude wall.

Campbell River Gratitude WallI'd been trying for weeks to come up with a new idea for my thank you cards. We've tried out ideas... nothing was lighting my hair on fire. Until... this morning.

I would write my thank yous all over chalkboards. I'll say thank you, I thought... in my own writing. I wanted a big wall. I drove around. Looking like a creep in back alleys. Scoping out the best spot.

I found the perfect spot. Venturing into the local awesome business, I just straight out asked the owner if I could make a giant chalkboard on the back of his building. His response? "I don't care what you do back there. Go for it." LOVE IT!

So, armed with my creative partner Shannon. We set out at 3:45pm to transform the alley. At 7:45 covered in paint and chalk dust. We realized, we were done. We had painted. Waited for it to dry. Applied second coats... waited some more. Then started scribbling with our chalk. It started as a way for me to say thank you. We ended up wondering if we weren't the only ones that wanted to say thank you, so my gratitude wall turned into THE GRATITUDE WALL. We suddenly realized that this wall would be alone, without supervision. Someone could walk by tonight and spray paint all over it and ruin it. OR... someone could walk by, see it... get inspired and pick up the chalk that we've left there... and draw something of their own. Write their own story. Anything is possible. Make your own art. You might ask why? Our answer is, why not.

I love this concept. Take a back alley. A somewhat unloved space. Ask the walls owner for blessings. Buy chalkboard paint $22 Buy chalk $2 Buy paint trays, paint brushes, rollers etc $6 (from dollar store) Leave art behind (and some chalk). Priceless and full of infinite possibilities. Make the world more beautiful. More colorful. More awesome. Maybe you know somewhere that needs a little love?

Be open to inspiration. My cousin Gord says, "The universe provides". xo