Renate and Scott plus two.

Over a fabulous lunch date, with a marvelous friend Karen this afternoon we got to talking about originality, photography and the variables of a photo session (among many other things including sausages, hedgehogs and drool).

I believe that each session has a life of it's own. Each couple/family/person, brings their own energy, their own story. I believe that yes, I create the images, but there are also many other variables that make the final images what they are. The outfits, their personalities {my personality}, the moods, the weather, the location... everything. I believe in being prepared, professional, and having everyone as informed and ready as possible for their session. However, I like to let each session breathe life into itself.

I absolutely loved watching my session with Renate and Scott and their beautiful children form in front of me.

I am not a fan of snakes. I find them unpredictable and creepy. However, I also find bunnies and cats kind of creepy, and all of them I can find beautiful if I really take a moment to look at them. The moment when Renate scooped up this snake and showed her little girl one of natures masterpieces I was instantly aware of how amazing life is. It was as though time, just slowed right down... and stood still.

I watched her gently show the snake to her little girl and knew I was in the presence of the magic of island living. The bottom line is, I couldn't have scripted this session. It just happened. So, I suppose if you are preparing for your session... daydream about up your outfits, the colors, what you'd like to see in your images, but when the time comes, maybe just take a deep breath and let it all happen. Your images will thank you. I photographed Renate and Scott's wedding in 2007 and was thrilled to share more moments with them and look forward to more as the years move on. Thank you, for choosing me {again}. I was compelled to look back through Renate and Scotts wedding images from 4 years ago, and I just can't help but share a few. I think it's a great sign, that I still love them.