The Gordon family {aka Gordashians}

I've always been an admirer of beauty. Of great beauty. Of beautiful things. But, most importantly beautiful hearts. You may see these photos and think. "Ugh... look at them. They are all perfect. Beautiful. I hate beautiful people. They are probably mean to waitresses." You'd be totally wrong. They are wonderful. Gentle. Lovely. You'd want to be friends with them instantly. I first met Dorian and Corey 3 years ago, while photographing their beautiful Tofino wedding. I've loved getting to know them over the years, and am always honored to be chosen to document and capture more amazing moments in their lives. Thank you for choosing me, for trusting me with your family images, your moments and your lives. I am so honored. Always. Wishing you all of the joys this life can offer. We headed to the studio to capture a bit of little Arianna's sweet face, and baby blues.