So much to say.

When you travel to Mexico on your own (for a fabulous wedding). There is a lot of time for reflection. When you travel to Mexico the week before your baby's first birthday, nostalgia is inevitable.

Inspired by the light and a desire to get a feel for my surroundings and possible wedding locations, I set out unaware of what I might find. Camera in hand. Heart full of warm and fuzzy wonder. I wandered through the foreign complex, marveling at beautiful structures, shapes, and reflections. I followed the sound of the crashing waves and was led into the enchanting Los Cabos sunset.

I thought about how much had happened in a year. I thought about all of the firsts. Hers, mine. Ours. I thought about what we had come through, what we had been through. What joys, what moments. I was full. Full. Overflowing.

Tomorrow is her first birthday. I have so much to say. But for tonight. No words.