Mama Mini's

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Let's face it... (not to discredit all the amazing work that you incredible Daddy's do) but Moms... we work. Hard. We are on duty.... always.

As moms, we should be rewarded. Celebrated. Cherished. The love between a mom and her children... should be lovingly documented.

A hard working mom recently commented that she was always the one taking the photos and rarely IN her photos. She said, she wasn't the only momma with this concern. That was all I needed to be inspired to my first "Mama Mini" session. Generally, my mini sessions are a way to celebrate my clients, give them a little something extra and to celebrate their gorgeous kiddos without getting a full session. Well, "Mama Mini's" are a way to celebrate the unique and profound connection between mother and child. Just of mom and her babes. (However old or young those babies are).

Want to celebrate YOUR mom? Have photos with her? Or want the perfect mothers day gift for yourself? Your friend? Your spouse?

Last year, I celebrated my first mothers day as a mom. Even when I write that, I choke up. It gets you. Having babies just changes you. I wrote about it last year HERE. I can't wait to celebrate mothers day with YOU fabulous moms.

These sessions usually (gratefully) fill up very quickly, so if you want in on it, please let me know via email asap.

The details. When? May 7th. What? Mom and babes ONLY. (babes can be newborn or 30, we're all babies to someone) Where? Location TBA How many sessions will you do? 10. How? email me for more details. Why? Because being a mom, is freaking incredible.