Amanda and Dean plus one.

I love babies. I mean, I really love babies. Something you may not know about me, is that I pride myself on being a bit of a baby whisperer. No joke. It must often irritate my tired new parents to come in only to have me say "I know this sounds crazy... but give me your baby". Then the baby dance... then... quiet baby. Now, don't get me wrong this may all change tomorrow. (in which case I will curse my gloating about being a baby whisperer all over the internet) But, up to this point, I can usually calm down a frantic baby. Granted I couldn't always do this beloved technique with my own baby... but that's not the point. I love babies. I am determined to get them to love me too. I love this little man, and this gorgeous family. Little Jacob was a victim of my baby whispering and I was purely enraptured with his beautiful face. I enjoyed every little moment of baby snuggles and can't thank Amanda and Dean for sharing their precious creation with me. The pleasure was truly all mine.