Mel and Darren

She's been skiing since the beginning of time. She may have skied before walking even. He's always been an outdoorsy guy. It made absolute sense that they were married outside, at a ski resort, in Kimberley B.C.

Highlights for me, reminiscing with the nervous bride before she got into her dress. (I used to sing her Beauty and the Beast, the Little Mermaid and a number of other Disney songs, to sleep at night when we were young and wild(er)). Don't get me wrong, I can't sing. But apparently in Grade 8, I thought I could. I loved watching her dad, calm cool and collected waiting to walk his little girl down the isle. I loved that Darren's sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy during the rehearsal dinner (in hospital in Cranbrook) and still came to the wedding the next day. If this isn't super human, I have no idea what is. I loved that it snowed, lightly for a few choice family photos. I love that the cake was chocolate, amazing and made by Melanie's sister Kristi IN the hotel room. I love that I got to try out some new dance moves with a few old friends and that I got to photograph a wedding in Kimberley, BC.

Darren and Mel, may you continue to build your fabulous life together in your wild mountain town, surrounded by everything that makes you truly happy. I was honored to be a part of your amazing day. Much love. xo