Maisie Lucinda. Almost a year.

It's fun. It really is. My baby is almost one. She walks, waves, smiles, yells, claps and dances her way through entire Cirque Du Soleil shows, concentrates on threads poking out of fabric, eats anything on the ground, cries when things aren't going her way, and laughs... mainly at my brother. Our baby is almost one. I'm becoming increasingly aware of the past year. Increasingly nostalgic.

It hasn't really gone by fast. I know where every moment is. I look back, and I could say "where does the time go". But, if I really look back, look through the photos (yes, the countless photos) I have a huge smile on my face, and tears dripping out of my eyes. In one year, so much as happened. So much has changed. Life is richer. Life is better, more full, more beautiful than before. More challenging, more alive, more meaningful even. There were/are sleepless nights, there were domestic disputes, there were moments of uncertainty, instability, turmoil and fear. But there were also moments of clarity, serenity, profound awakening, of insight and intense beauty. In all honesty, it was likely the most incredible year of my life.

Our girl is growing up, and I'm loving every moment. I've been photographing her constantly lately, (like probably in an OCD sort of way). To me, it's been more than just dressing up my baby and taking photos. Our rhythms in our daily life. As normal as getting dressed in the morning, or eating breakfast. Today, it was 4:00 and we were supposed to be getting ready to go out for 5ish. I was putting Maisie's clothes away, saw her adorable romper from Auntie Heathers wedding, and before I could even blink... we were in the studio together, laughing and having a studio photoshoot. Unplanned, unorganized and unpredictable. But inspired. That's just how we roll around here.

Lately I've been feeling like photographing Maisie, might be my most important photographic project ever. Documenting a life. A life of a girl named Maisie Lu. I've got a new project on the horizon that is really exciting, it's called "Letters to Maisie". Where I'll try to separate my obsessive Maisie photos a bit from this blog, but for now, because I've just got to share. Here is our studio girl. Eating some snacks and trying hard not to look at mommy.