Good hearts, and good friends.

If you can call a friend on Tuesday in a panic "I'm doing bunny photos this Saturday, I don't like bunnies really, and I have no idea how to make it cool" and by Saturday have an amazing little magic 'set' perfect for bunnies and kids... consider yourself lucky. I do. Exceeding any and all "good friend" duties. All out of the goodness of her heart. All for charity. All because she is a good friend and an incredible person, and would not accept our set up being anything less than awesome. We were organized, it went smoothly, and that's not because I did it all. Believe me. That is Shannon. I have a never ending sea of gratitude for you. I owe you. Big time.

On Saturday we raised $1300 in 3 hours for the Accessible Wilderness Society. In a mall, in a small town, with little advertising. THANK YOU. Listen, I know everyone is fundraising for something. I absolutely know. You didn't have to bring your kids down to the mall, didn't have to wait in line (at times a very long line) to have photos taken with bunnies. It's not even Easter yet! But you did. I am so grateful that your hearts led you down. Most of you I'd had the pleasure of photographing before. To be honest, it became a bit of a reunion for me. It was awesome. Really, really awesome.

I also need to thank Carol Chapman for lending the use of her incredibly tame bunnies! They were amazing. I really don't know how Carol finds time to be so totally fabulous. But seriously. She volunteers for everything, lends hands to everyone, plus is an amazing grandma to her own grandbabies! Unreal. Carol... YOU ROCK.

The day wouldn't have been so perfect either without the help and AMAZINGLY GENEROUS donation by MAXIMA PHOTO LAB (inside SURE COPY). They have donated signs, time, prints and most importantly energy to this event. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

ALSO the background and most of the props in the set were generously donated by the WILLOWS MARKET in Willow Point. It wouldn't have been nearly as great without you!!! THANK YOU AMY!

Here are a few entertaining images from Saturday. (You will find a complete link of downloadable images HERE on my ERIN WALLIS PHOTOGRAPHY facebook page.

I am happy for you to use the images on your facebook but ask that you include an Erin Wallis credit, or Erin Wallis Photography. Thank you!