Studio? or the great outdoors?

I've long had arguments with myself over studio or outdoors for maternity sessions.

I will always say "studio is my favorite" after a fabulous studio session... but then say "outdoors is my favorite" after an outdoor session. It's painful really. The truth is, I love them both. What I love about outdoor images is combining the beauty of our world, with the incredible strength, power and grace of a woman growing and carrying human life. Outdoor maternity images are natural, authentic, loving and can have gorgeous natural light, they are full of endless possibilities.

Pregnancy is a very personal time. We all go through a pregnancy on our own. Yes, with help, support etc from friends and partners etc, but really it all ends up with you and that baby growing inside you. Personal, special, surreal. I love that studio images can capture and celebrate the best part about a pregnancy without seeing any of the not so pretty parts. Studio maternity images can be extremely intimate, personal, beautiful and are full of endless possibilities. What it comes down to? Your personal preference really.

Here is gorgeous Glynnis from our session yesterday. We were booked for a studio shoot only, but the light outside had me crazy, and I made her sneak outside for a few. Then back to the studio for more. I love the outdoor light, the glow, her glow... inside, I love the accentuation of her amazing belly and shape. I can't decide what I like more. I love it all.

So, which do you prefer? Glynnis is a fabulous yoga momma and wanted to celebrate her yoga momma journey as well.