So that I can feel the rain.

I don't just think about this once and a while. I think about it, every single time it rains. Living in Campbell River, it rains often. I think about this often.

This afternoon I was in town with Maisie. It was pouring rain. We were in raincoats, walking from store to store. Me, enjoying my baby. Her laughing at the rain. Us, happily going about our day. Looking around I didn't see one umbrella, in the pouring rain. Not. One. Umbrella. When we got home and Maisie had been lovingly put down for her afternoon nap, I updated my facebook status to "I absolutely, TOTALLY love that when it POURS RAIN in Campbell River, NOBODY uses an umbrella. Now that's West Coast." Immediately after I heard the song "Gravedigger" echoing in my head.

Every time it rains, I think about this song. A Dave Matthews Band song "Gravedigger"

"Gravedigger, when you dig my grave, could you make it shallow so that I can feel the rain." How amazing are those lyrics. I think about them often. There was no other choice, but to grab my camera and go outside, in the pouring rain.

I think about it when I'm bundling up against the elements to brave a storm outside. I'll be running from the car to the grocery store, and literally stop, turn my face to the sky, and let the rain fall on my smiling face.

There are not many certainties in life. There are so many variables. One thing is absolutely certain. Life is impermanent. I am not going to be here forever. I will not always be able to feel the rain on my face. So, when I get the chance... I best turn my face to the heavens and smile.

Life is beautiful, always.