The end of 2010

If I were to sum up how I feel right now. It might be the above image.

On Saturday I finished my last photo shoot of 2010. I can scarcely believe I made it at times. I have mixed emotions about the whole year. It was quite the journey. Quite the adventure. Quite the ride. There was no way I could have predicted any of it. However in 2009 I was faced with booking weddings on the assumption that I would be ok. That I could shoot weddings 2 months after giving birth to our first baby. I had no way of knowing that I actually could juggle breast feeding, and pumping, and emails and working, and not sleeping and whacked hormones and being creative, and being in the moment, in your moments... that I could be inspired. I made it.

I would have never made it, even one step without Bryce. At times, we were barely making it. At times, we were flourishing, but in the end we made it. Together. Our own journey. Together.

I also wouldn't have made it without Shannon (aka Thelma). You really are a spectacular being. Your energy, your light, your joy. Beautiful. Thank you for lighting your hair on fire with me and being ready for anything. For doing the impossible along side me, and for always, being normal, awesome, alive, creative, inspired, careful, thoughtful and ridiculously selfless. You are a rare bird my friend. Incredibly rare. Thank you for an amazing 2010.

I also need to thank all of you, anyone reading now, YES YOU! for your support, encouragement... blog comments and emails. I am seriously grateful.

The reason for all of this, with these images is because I loved their session so much. I also, loved what Shannon said about her upcoming session while we were corresponding about it initially "This photo shoot is very special to me because it not only celebrates Cypress turning one but also the fact that we all got through the crazy, unpredictable, emotional, and truly amazing first year together... as a family." You may remember the stunning Shannon from our maternity session HERE. I know what you mean Shannon. I truly do.

I'm officially on Holidays. Christmas Holidays. Starting NOW. Yes, I'll blog and update a bit. But, most of all... I might not. I will be doing a Best of 2010, so stay tuned for that!

In 2011 I'll be back, full of all sorts of wild ideas, inspiration and images. A girls gotta charge her batteries and fuel her fire somehow.