From the outside, in.

I know that photographs are important. They serve as a visual record of what is now, and what will inevitably end up as what once was. There are times, when I get a new take on the importance of photography.

Tonight... I was watching a slideshow of our photographs, our story. Of course, I wound up in tears. It is beyond important. I officially now get it. Seeing that little girl, a newborn baby... a three month old... sitting up... yelling... laughing... waving. It's not just a cute photograph, not to me. It's what a love struck parent looks to after a long day, when their little baby is tucked away in bed for the night. It's what I do late at night, and I've caught Bryce doing the same. We look at photos of our little marvel. Life is busy, fast... at times you are getting through moments, sadly somewhat unconsciously. A photograph causes you to pause. Put the noise on hold. Stop. Look. Feel.

After photographing Sarah and Jode and their gorgeous twin boys, and hearing her reaction... something struck me. In our daily lives, it is hard to see yourself. Hard to see your own family, difficult to remove yourself from your own situation, be a fly on the wall and look in. Nearly impossible really.

I looked in to Sarah's life, through my camera, freezing those moments for Sarah to see for herself. Part of her email read, "Thanks for giving me daily photographic evidence on those hard days that I'm the luckiest mom and wife on earth."

Life truly is a beautiful thing, I'd be willing to bet that yours is too... if you just stand back, get a bigger view, be still and look from the outside in. We have so much to be grateful for.

Twins, and puddles and gumboots?!? Yes please!!! I had so much fun with you guys. I always do. Your family is a treasure. > A pretend sleep? Why not!