A wedding in Maui

When you are in the delivery room with a family, while their new baby boy is being brought into the world. Something profound happens.

When you are pregnant together, go to pre-natal yoga together, obsess about teen burgers and blizzards together, share baby hats, and talk about pregnancy fears and woes, call each other when weird things happen, when the baby isn't sleeping, when your body is broken, when all you can do is cry... something happens. A bond is created.

When you spend weeks waiting for 'the call' to get to the hospital to photograph a friends baby story, you are honored. It was such an honor to be such a huge part in capturing Landon's journey into the world, as it was an honor to capture his mommy and daddy get married in Maui last week.

I must say, I'm a big fan of people who get married with their children watching, or being a part of the ceremony. It just means something. Is just sweet, is beautiful. They've been through some stuff. Some hard stuff. Building and caring for a baby is no small task. Stressful, emotional and new... it can be at times, ever so difficult. But, when you make it through and still look at each other like you just met. Look at each other with eyes full of butterflies. That, is remarkable.

If you want to get a bit of background on Eddie, Stacey and Landon before seeing their wedding photos, you can see their maternity photos HERE Their emotional baby story (grab a tissue) HERE Their newborn photos HERE

It truly was a magnificent Maui wedding. Congratulations Eddie, Stacey and Landon! May life continue to shower you with love.

I'll just have you know that Stacey had "The Dream Team" fabulous Makeup artist Jessica Waite www.makeupmaui.com and Rock Star Hairdresser Dan Sanchez - www.dansanchezsalon.com Personally, I wouldn't get married in Maui without them. Just saying. Beautiful Flowers by Bella Grace Flowers - www.bellagraceflowers.com After scaling the cliff on the road between Lahaina and Kihei, we were back for the babies and the ceremony. Recognize anyone? Oh haaay Maisie! I know, right. Cute. I love this one of Landon watching his mom and dad saying their vows. A sunset first dance, not a dry eye for miles. I am in love with this next photo. And I love that everyone else was feeling the love. Mounds of love friends.