Quiet Simplicity

Simply stunning. The most beautifully simplistic wedding, ever.

Set at the Filberg grounds, we were tucked away in the Comox Valley at 6pm on a September friday night. No people, no one but us. Deer quietly grazing the grass. A light mist occasionally drizzling from the sky. A groom waiting for his bride at the end of a grape vine arbor.

The place silent, but swollen with the memories of a summer full of sounds. Festivals, celebrations, music, laughter and children playing are usually heard on the grounds. Friday night, quiet. Simple.

Cathy walked out by herself, down through the arbor and was met by David's warm gaze. Together they said their vows to only each other. It meant something. It was truly heart felt and terribly romantic. It was exactly as they wanted it. I felt honored to be a part of something so intimate and meaningful.

We were only together an hour in total. But, I love what images we created in that time. Sometimes, less truly is more. Look at them! Gorgeous!