Meg and Troy

My baby cousin got married!!!

My auntie Marie was always the one I wrote letters to as a child. She was also the one, who wrote letters back to me. It was always her house we all gathered at. It was the most fun at her house. You just wanted to put on your jammies and hang out there forever. She is my dads little sister, and of course a favorite Auntie! (don't worry all my other Aunties, you are all my favorites too!!!)

Auntie Marie and Uncle Mark have three daughters. Michelle, Melanie and Megan. Not only are they all "M" names, but they are all silly gorgeous. I couldn't imagine not being a part of our little cousin Megan's wedding day at Olympic View Golf Course in Victoria. I knew she would be beautiful, but I had no idea she would be smoking hot too! It was a gorgeous wedding full of amazing people and glorious light. Meg and Troy, sometimes you just know that two people are supposed to be together... we all just know, that you two are forever.

Thank you so much for including me in your wonderful wedding! Sisters (or in our family, better known as 'seesters' watching their baby sister get all dolled up. Loving looks from the mothers of the groom and bride. I love love love the way these girls love their dad! Look at the pure love here. My beautiful cousins Auntie Marie looking lovingly at her little girl. It struck me here, that her little baby girl, was once... just as small as my baby girl. Unreal! I absolutely love this moment. No one around, but them. There is all sorts of unspoken in this image. I love this one. and this one. I love everything about this image. I love this peekaboo moment between father and daughter.