Covered in Peace

Reflecting on our blessings. Fortunate. Appreciative.

Moments. Quiet, still... delicate moments. Hold you captive, without trying. There are sounds, maybe crickets or fans, muffled by the walls, the trees the night.

The only thing I hear though, right now, is peace.

It's quiet in my house.

My baby and her daddy tucked safely in their beds. My puppy curled up in his bed, beside ours. Remnants of the day, scattered around the house. Not immaculate. It looks like life. Our Life.

Pieces from the story board of our days, today and lately. Photographs on the walls, memories soaked into the air within the walls.

It will not always be this quiet. Thankfully a baby will chat herself awake in the morning, our pup will bark at the neighbor coming home. Another day will happen.

But, for tonight... for now... I'm covered in peace. Bathing in quiet.