Michelle and Jeff

I have few words lately, but I have a feeling that will change with the weather. Blue skies and sunshine always lead me astray from the computer. Not to mention a nearly five month old little girl who I can't stop kissing. I have come to the conclusion that my blog will be here. The same as when I left it last, but my little girl just keeps changing! Her little cheeks the perfect size for kissing. She is so snuggly right now, so perfect... its hard to stay away! That, and I always have more words in the fall. When the leaves change, when the dew returns to the grass in the morning. When the rain falls. I'll see you then.

For now, images of a couple so clearly in love... its contagious. I mean, I photograph weddings. I see love. All the time. I see a lot of love pass between a bride and groom on their wedding day. Not often, but at times you can see a bride be so caught up in the 'wedding' that they aren't even paying attention to the reason they are getting married. I've never been married, never had a wedding. But I know love. I know what it feels like to be loved and in love. For that, I feel lucky. There is nothing more inspiring on a wedding day than seeing a bride and groom so clearly into each other, that they barely notice you are there. I love that, like for real.

At one point in Michelle and Jeff's wedding I said, "just ignore me" as I was changing settings on my camera, when I looked up to see if they had heard me... they hadn't, they were already ignoring me.

I have no idea what kind of bride I would ever be, but I do know what I'd hope to be like. Totally and completely into each other is a pretty good start! Michelle and Jeff and your beautiful little boy... inspiring!

(ps. it appears I had a few words tucked away after all)