A horse and the sea

Who doesn't love to see a horse running along a sandy beach. Seriously.

Darby, a local Campbell River RCMP contacted me about photographing her 26 year old horse Tosca. Our schedules seemed destined to misalign forever. Then, it worked. The tide was way out, and I met them at Stories Beach in Campbell River. It was exhilarating. Tosca running her heart out along the shoreline. Darby clearly happy to be documenting what she had thought about for so long. Me, covered from head to toe in sand and the salty sea water. Near the end of the shoot Darby said "Would it look good if we went in the water?"

"UM. YES!!!" I was thrilled.

I love so much about these images. The incredible beauty of horses, and their power. The blatant love between a girl and her old horse. Their 14 years together. The reflections, the light, the uniforms, the history, the purely Canadian images that make me love where I live, and what beauty surrounds us. Love it.

What an honor to capture these images for you Darby. An honor and an absolute pleasure.