3 months old

It may not seem like a milestone. In 3 years, it may not even seem important. Right now, to me... it is.

3 months ago little Miss Maisie took her first breath in this world. Wiggled inside of my belly one last time, and burst forth into this world. When I think about it now, it all seems surreal. Like it was someone else cursing being pregnant, uncomfortable, awkward, bigger than before. Like it was someone else sitting on that ball in our living room, breathing through contractions. Already, it seems like it wasn't that bad. Already a bunch of the weight of the pregnancy has melted away (I said a bunch... not all). All of you that gained 25 pounds and wore bikinis a minute after your babies... well... I am not you. But, I am in love with our little girl. Sleep, bah.. who needs it.

3 months ago, Maisie was born. I can't say that I can pinpoint what changed. I can't say, "yes, this is what is different"... but everything is different. I am no longer only me. I am me plus Maisie. Granted Bryce is a part of that we as well (and Franko of course) but, its something extraordinary to become more than just you. To give up yourself to be a we. Maisie is part of me. She just is. I'm not sure that will ever change. 3 months ago seems like a second ago, and a hundred years ago.

Soaking up as much as my baby girls rolls, and smiles, and bubbles and chatter as I possibly can. Not to mention shooting like crazy in between. More sessions will follow! I promise, (I am actually about 15 behind on posting, no lie)...but for now, I celebrate our little peach and her 3 months in the world.