Your story

I don't know your story. The details. The particulars.

I don't know what time you get up every morning, how you like your coffee, or even your favorite color. I don't know how you might describe yourself, your son, your life. I don't know a whole lot, looking through my lens. But the beauty of it all, is that I can feel it all. I can feel how he fills you up when he reaches for a hug. I can see your face become full of light as you watch him run towards us. I can feel the unbreakable, undeniable and unparalleled love between the two of you, and I can't help but smile... from the inside out.

I don't know your story, your details... but I know how much this little man means to you. Its a beautiful thing. I'm honored to be a part of your story, however small that part may be. May your road ahead be full of light and love and of course magic.