A season opener

benchThis past Saturday marks the beginning of my career postpartum. Life can now be defined to some extent as before Maisie and after.

Having a two month old baby, and getting back to work full time has its fair share of challenges. But, we are doing our best. The challenges aren't exactly during the sessions, or during the weddings... its the before and afters that are proving to be tricky. So, be gentle with me. If it takes me a day or two longer to respond, or call back etc... just know that it may feel like I'm ignoring you, but I promise, I'm not. I'm just doing my best to ensure that my 9 week old baby isn't neglected, and has more love than she needs from me to get her through the times when I can't be there for her. When I get to the wedding, the session, the meeting. I'm there 100%, and am loving it. However that wouldn't be possible if I felt like my little Maisie wasn't being taken care of 100%.

So, the emails and call backs may take a day or two longer, but my baby is happy and healthy and loved. To me, its the only way.

In saying that, I can't imagine starting off my wedding season with anyone else but Sean and Kate. A beautiful day at Dolphins Resort, stunning bride, gorgeous guests, loving family members... a perfect way to spend my Saturday.

Warm, inviting, and full of love. This day, was perfect. I love how Kate just radiates. Amazing. I also love how much I love photography.

It's good to be back.

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