A room for Maisie

Maisie RoomI had so much fun dreaming up and creating a room for Maisie! I just thought I should share the finished product with you. another view A few years ago, I was blessed to come across the most amazing graphic design artist, who became an instant soul mate. Shannon now works with me and helps present my images in the very best way possible. I'm not joking when I say, everything she touches turns to art. She painted this amazing clothes line on Maisie's wall, created the most amazing origami crane mobile and saved me from insanity the last few weeks of my pregnancy. You are beyond words! You can check out some of her designs HERE details and closet My mom saved my very first pair of shoes. Just so happens they match the room perfectly and are so cute!! my shoes Canvases make my world a happy place. The canvas seen here is my great grandma Maisie working along friends in a chocolate factory in Victoria B.C. I have loved that photo my entire life, and knew it would the perfect fit for baby Maisie's room. another viewcherries My dad on one of his many karate trips to Japan, brought me back this doll. I believe I was 10 years old? I've always loved it. Japanese doll My amazing Auntie Diane made me this beautiful blanket. We are so lucky. aunie Di Out of all the dolls in the universe... I believe this one is the most amazing ever. Auntie Heather was so excited to spoil me, and Maisie. This Elfin doll is beyond anything. It is so beautiful, quirky, unique and awesome! Hand made, each patch a different texture. Unreal. Thank you Auntie Heather!!! Maisie is so lucky to have you as an Auntie! Elfin doll A girls gotta have a few special outfits (or more than a few) closet My Auntie Marie gave me a piggy bank when I was a baby, just so happens, it matches perfectly in the room as well! piggy bank And what post is complete without a little image of Maisie herself. This was when she was all of 5 days old. She has grown so much since then already! Happy Tuesday to all! Maisie