Maisie Lucinda enters the world.

MaisieSome call motherhood a secret club, that you can't explain... until you join. All I can say, is I get it. I know now.

April 5th 2010 at 7:15pm we welcomed Maisie Lucinda Cockburn into the world. She weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces. She was born on my mom's birthday. She is named after the amazing matriarchs of both Bryce and my families. Maisie after my moms grandmother. Lucinda after Bryce's moms grandmother. She looks like her daddy, and couldn't possibly be any more loved.

She has her own story already, in her sweet 8 days of life. I'm a bit too fragile, to tell the story... so for now, I'll let the images do the talking for me. Words do nothing for this kind of love.

First moments in the world. Then first family photos. The first of many.

Immense gratitude to the ever fabulous Shannon (Auntie Thelma) for capturing images that I'd never imagined I could have of our family. oxoxxo

Absolutely no words can ever describe what it also means to me to have experienced all of this with such an amazing man. Bryce, you are my very favorite. Absolute blisshappinessloveour babysuch lovenew babyfeetdad My parents first look at their grandbaby mom and dad's first look Happy Birthday Sheila. Our insanely wonderful midwife. Who led me through the birthing experience or labyrinth in such an epic way. I am beyond grateful for my beautiful birth and know that it wouldn't have been nearly as amazing without Sheila. Sheila Coming from a long line of blondies, Great Grannie Goodheart was thrilled and shocked to see all that dark hair! black hairamazedBC and great granniefirst family photo And now... the family photo shoot in our studio. 6 days old. lovefamilysleepy loveblissfulbaby daddysweetness and loveamazingmy baby girlbig yawnoh so smileyussleepy