Cans for Comments!!!

so sweetLast year the amazing photographic gurus in Vancouver BC, Chris+Lynn came up with a concept that has spread like wildfire through the photographic community. One that I am THRILLED to get on board with!

Something so simple and wonderful! Its such a magic time of year for so many people, and then so incredibly hard for others. Something as simple as giving to the food bank can help so much. So...

It's called cans for comments! Heres the scoop!

For the next 10 days I will be blogging up a storm and all that you have to do to make me donate to the local food bank, is leave a comment. No really. Thats it. You comment... I purchase a canned good to donate to the local food bank. How awesome is that!

How can you comment? At the bottom of every post is a little note that says No Comments or 2 comments etc, all you do is click on that and enter a comment. Simple. Easy. Great!

There aren't too many rules here.. you can comment on current posts, or have fun with it and comment on posts from the past. Whatever you are inspired to say, wherever you are wanting to comment... go for it. In this process, your kind words on the blog (not on facebook or anywhere else) will translate into food bank donations. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. You can comment on as many posts as you'd like, as often as you'd like!!! Isn't that awesome!

If you are another photographer doing the same, email me your details and I'll add you to this post as well and we'll share the love, the food and the all around good vibes! Here are a few images from a series of seriously sweet moments with my new little buddy, James.

To spread the cans for comments love... leave a comment for any of the following photographers blogs too!!! KIM KALYN BLUE OLIVE PHOTOGRAPHY KATHY PATON KAREN MCKINNON MICHAEL WACHNIAK JOHN HEIL (P.S.. the sun is shining in Campbell River! I'm off to enjoy a bit of it!) James cutie