Best of 2009: Studio

MarynA fabulous update for all of you fabulous people. The cans for comments is going strong and so far we've got 70 comments so far on the blog! Which is awesome. What is even MORE awesome about all of these comments is that I will be buying a can of food for each comment. So far 70 cans! What could be even more amazing than that? Well, the fabulous Tara Lewis of Undersea Gardens in Victoria has made an incredibly generous offer to match my end count and donate to their local food bank. Aren't people awesome.

So, here are my favorites from the studio of 2009. Keep in mind I actually have hundreds of favorites from each... no seriously, hundreds. But it was my personal challenge to myself to be able to narrow it down to twelve. Not really sure why twelve? Twelve days of Christmas? Twelve in a dozen? Not sure, in any case... here are my twelve favorites from the studio. Thanks again for all of the wonderful comments! I'll do my best to keep posting, and keep generating comments and in turn cans. Blake and Bellydad and babyso cutejanamore bellieslaughtermom and babeso beautifultouch toesbellytwin bucket