Anything is Possible.

MAGICI am so completely excited, elated and overjoyed to bring you in on another little secret endeavor that the fabulous Shannon Andrews Design and myself have come up with.

We have started a very awesome little company called Runaway Soul. It is a collaboration of two wildly creative souls, who can not stop creating! Truly our motto is 'Anything is Possible'. This holiday season we have created 5 holiday greeting cards in a happy little package. They are $15 for five cards. Each card is blank on the inside, for you to leave your own message. My images with Shannon's design expertise and voila... magic happy holiday cards! They can be used as a little gift for someone special, just as they are. Or, for your personal greeting cards.

Want to know the best part? We are donating all proceeds above printing costs to the Ann Elmore Transition House here in Campbell River. By buying these cards you will be donating money directly to the local women’s shelter. It truly doesn't get more awesome than that. So, before you go out and buy a few Hallmark cards (nothing wrong with those either) but just remember that there are extra cool cards that can be purchased from Maxima Photo Lab in the Tyee Plaza as of tomorrow!! We only have 40 packs available as we had no idea how many we were able to sell. Let us know if you are interested and if there is a big number of people interested we will make MORE!! (also please bring cash as form of payment)

What is the Ann Elmore House? A shelter for women and their children in need of safety from all forms of abuse. The Ann Elmore Transition House is a residence where women and their children can go to be safe from abuse or violence. Each year over 250 women and their children seek shelter in the Ann Elmore Transition House. More than 300 additional women receive support and information.

I recently became involved with the House when I contacted them with an amazing project called Help-Portrait. Which started off as a few photographers with a vision to create portraits for people that would otherwise never be able to afford or have the opportunity. Currently there are over 4000 photographers worldwide participating. It is all about making someone feel beautiful, special, loved just by taking their photo. In larger cities, whole groups of photographers are getting together and doing it for the homeless or anyone else in need.

As I am only one photographer, I decided on a smaller scale, to contact our local women's shelter where they chose 5 mothers with children that they felt would greatly benefit from this project. On Sunday the amazing Susan gave up her day to co-ordinate and drive the women and their children to and from my studio. Also, the fabulous Amy Lowes donated her time to pamper the women and their little girls with beautiful hair doos. My super human side kick Shannon also donated her time, love and energy to help make the day flow smoothly. For obvious confidentially reasons, I will not be posting the photos. But I do want you to know, that it was a beautiful experience. The women were glowing, the children so heartbreakingly beautiful. The spirit of magic was everywhere. To be honest, there are a few photos that I am unable to look out without giant tears rolling down my cheeks. If you are a local photographer, and are interested in joining me next year in the same endeavor contact me! We'll be able to help so many more people. The experience will be one of the most beautiful things you've ever come in contact with.

For the past three years in my business, all I have wanted to do is give more, do more... be more. Finally this year multiple opportunities have presented themselves and I couldn't be more thrilled. If you are one of the awesome ones that gives whatever you can, volunteers all the time, donates etc... your compassionate heart is beautiful. It is glowing and it is radiating throughout the universe. If you haven't heard it lately, you are spectacular. If you aren't usually the first to jump on the donating train... don't worry.. it's never too late. Anything is possible. You can do anything you want. Honestly. You have the power to change your mind, change your ideas, and change your priorities. You do. Give it a try. Spread the love. You'll be happier.

So, the moral of the story is... Holiday Gift Card Packages with all of the proceeds going directly to the Ann Elmore Transition House $15 @ Maxima Photo Lab in the Tyee Plaza. Leave me a message if you are interested in purchasing so I will know how many to leave there.. or how many more to make. 2 cardsHEARTSBIRDSLogo