On life, perspective, love and dogs.

Bryce Me and FrankThere are so many thoughts, feelings and emotions that surface when I reflect on this past weekend.

I think back on an entire summer. Every weekend occupied with at least one, if not two weddings. Looking back and realizing that all of my weekends and most of my week days are consumed with stuff. Not in a negative way, in just a full way. Full. Full days. Lists. For both Bryce and I. Every spare second spent on the construction of our new studio and 2 bedroom suite. Every single moment, occupied. Delighting in the small moments of together-ness. The spaces between meetings and emails and Bryce cleaning the kitchen, and calling contractors and setting up appointments and learning to do things we've never done. Both of us have been gypsies before. Bryce traveling all over the States and Germany for hockey, myself globe trotting on cruise ships. Both of us, having little 'real' responsibilities. Truly. So, for us.. these last two years settling into a 'normal' life has had its fair share of ups and downs.

So when we are able to get away. Able to step back from the every day life... I am overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am. I can say that now, without fear that it will all come crumbling apart. I know it can. I've seen it happen, felt it happening. I know that life is impermanent, and fragile. But isn't that why, its okay for me, for us... to celebrate when things are really good. I believe so.

This weekend Bryce, Frank and I spent the weekend in Ucluelet, BC. Staying at the beautiful Black Rock Resort. I photographed a wedding (more on that later) there on Sunday. So we decided to take and extra night and make it just about us. It was perfect. I am so lucky, so blessed and so indescribably grateful to have the luxury to walk along the beach hand in hand with my fella. Laugh at our puppy ripping around the magical sands of Long Beach, British Columbia. I could have stayed forever. We'll be going back soon and staying for longer. What a fabulous way to enjoy each other, and life.

Grateful. So grateful. To step back. To be drawn to what has been drawing me to Bryce for fifteen years. Without dishes, and chores, and fence building and lists. It was also a celebration of Franks first year in the world. (what a wild year it has been for him too) It was really only one day and night for a vacation. But what a necessary and wonderful step back.

P.S... the best part of the Black Rock Resort, it is 100% dog friendly. Who doesn't want to take their little furry friends to Tofino and Ucluelet? Excellent!

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