Candace, Dwight and Austin

Austins little faceThere are certain shoots... certain people, that just stick out as down right incredible. To me, this was one of them. I'm not sure if it has something to do with growing a little one myself, but this shoot had me fighting back tears, overwhelmed with beauty, and absolutely in awe of the human body. Specifically the amazing female body. Truly, indescribable. This shoot, will forever be etched in my memories as a favorite. As, will the people. Thank you guys for your trust, your understanding and your ability to be flexible, warm and simply beautiful! Not to mention thank you for driving all of the way from Port Alberni!! Don't these just make you want to be pregnant? lovelight and sweetnesssuch sweetnesslove and belliesbellylightamazingbeautifulstunninggrowing lifebabyperfect Pretty sure this is my favorite. faveswooosh