Rob and Veronica

Rob and VeronicaOkay, Auntie Marie, Karyn, Tara and mom... here is a new blog post!

Hopefully I will satisfy your photographic hunger with Rob and Veronica... and try and get a few more up here this week as well!

Its been an interesting few weeks. To be honest, I've wanted to be curled up in bed most of the time. (more on that later) I believe I've shot 20 weddings so far this season. Which means, I'm trying my hardest to stay rested and away from cameras as much as possible, until the next wedding... so I can stay fresh and full of creativity. So Sunday/Monday amounted to Bryce and I being the laziest I think we've ever even been. It was awesome. However, back to work today.

Meet Rob and Veronica. They booked me over a year and a half ago for their August 1st wedding. I was thrilled to be a part of it. They were all so much fun, had an amazing time laughing and making fun of each other and their happiness is infectious. What a great day!

Love this one of Veronica waiting to get into her dress. all ready So prettythrough the veilflowers A float down stairs floating At Painters Lodge in Campbell River, Rob waits patiently. RobA proud dad Kisses for Veronica's niece Sienna (who you may recall from this post)kisses for Sienna A brief and intimate ceremony results in a happy bride and groom. Love this 'just married' image. Just MarriedVeronica We snuck off for some wedding party shots, the guys... hilarious. hilarious fellas The ladies? Stunning. stunning Then we stow away with the newlyweds for some more intimate images of the two of them, on their wedding day. Rob and VeronicaVeronicaagainst the wall And then, onwards to the reception held at Sequoia Springs Golf Course. Mr. and Mrs. For some more wonderful moments. momentslaughcake for Sienna A father/daughter dance that had me in tears (and Veronica too). father daughter And I'll leave you with this image of a beautiful bride on her wedding day. EWP_1185 copy