Jessica and Roger

Jessica and RogerRemember Jessica and Roger? Amazing couple, visibly wrapped up in each other. Neither nervous. Both ready. Their wedding, August 8 2009. A beautiful day. Here is how I saw it. Getting Jessica into her dress... into dress Love this photo of Jess trying so hard NOT to cry. trying hard to not cryveil shotmirrorprettygetting readySHOES There just so happened to be some amazing old cars outside... cars and girls Where was Roger during all of this? Roger Then on to the ceremony site. Rogerchairs Love this image of Jess pulling up to the ceremony site. Jess pulling up Jessica and her mom, walking towards the isle. mom walks downceremonyloveJust married Love how sweet this image is. Look how thrilled the little guy is! thrilledwedding partygirlsEvery darn bodyboys Magic oozes when you get these two on their own! alone perfectso prettyagainst the railRogersweetamazing I'll leave you with one of my favorites to end the post off with. one of my faves (I'm going for a post a day this week... we'll see how that goes)