Tara and Glenn.

Tara and GlennI knew there would be a time, when it all came together for me. This post will likely be misinterpreted, but, really.... oh well.

Thoughts about weddings that should never be written, by a photographer. Especially by a wedding photographer. Thoughts that I've had, and felt and known all along.

It's no secret that I am lucky enough to be able to make my living on photography, and on wedding photography. The secret is maybe that I really don't ultimately care a whole lot about details. I mean, I love flowers. I love the little things, I do love details... I just don't love them, when they don't really mean anything. Is that wrong? Maybe not, should I admit it... probably not. But, I would be a fraud if I only said what I thought people wanted to hear. Truth be told, that's just not how I roll. What I know for sure now, more than ever. Is that the whole reason, I truly love my profession. My craft. Has very little to do with expensive shoes, and fancy rings and wildly decorated venues. (Although granted they can make the shoot fun and interesting to photograph)

The reason I stay up late, get up early, work all day and at times neglect my own personal life...has everything to do with love. Real love, and the inspiration in finding that love within my couples, my families and everything around me. Not to mention the intense gratification I feel when my images mean something to someone. Not to mention being surrounded with what I find beautiful all the time.

Expensive things, although they may be crafted beautifully and contain luxury and exude richness, are nothing more than expensive things.

You can set the scene perfectly, have all of the best things around you, the most expensive venue, the best food, the most exquisite music. However, if the love is missing. The whole thing is dangerously, just wrong. The kind of thing that should be the most important about a wedding should be the love. Hands down. Without question.

Every single one of these images are unscripted. There is nothing fake about these two. It took them a long time to find each other in this life, but when they did... magic. To me, although there is intense beauty in struggle and the courage to overcome barriers. There is also, something to be said about effortless beauty, and love.

I am so honored to have photographed another wedding from one of my favorite families on the planet. The Black Family oozes love and meaning like no other. From the necklace handed down from generations with the little card from Grandma Win stating "May love and happiness go with whomsoever wears this pendant", to having photographs on the exact spot Tara's parents were married 37 years prior, to driving the car that her parents drove on that day, to the heirloom pinned on the inside of the dress...

Real stories, create real moments. Real moments, create the most inspiration, and to me... the most amazing photographs.

Tara and Glenn, inspiring.

Grandma WinTara and RachelGirls DressesHeirloom stairspin Obviously having a miserable time. funbrideon the way to the weddingWindceremonyhandseyes The following image, during Tara's Vows... "I will be by your side, looking with you towards our future; the future that we create together." vows Melts me. hand on heri do A proud father of the bride, warmly welcomes his second son in law to the family. a warm welcome After the ceremony, while everyone else was scurrying around for family photos... Tara and Glenn, oblivious to it all. Perfect. moments kidswedding partyBeautiful Of course I snuck in with the fabulous Black sisters Me and the Blacks I am only able to post this because it is equally hilarious and unflattering of all four of us! hilariousso happygrooms people Taras parents were married @ The Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, so naturally we ventured there for photos. Lighthousesimply loveway upKisslightKissgrittGlenndrive away Reception held at Grouse Mountain. What a view. grouse mountain Tara looking so peaceful on the gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain. Tara on the gondola We snuck off for some more images on top of the world. portraitsfreehappylove on a mountain topso sweet Heartfelt emotional and hysterical speeches. Kims speechhilarioussmiletearsemotionala whole lot of love May we all be so lucky. kiss in bw