Katie and Brandon

Quadra Island at its bestBright, wise, and full of life. Was my initial reaction upon meeting Katie and her family on Saturday at their wonderful (built and designed by dads hands) home on Quadra Island. From the moment I stepped onto their property, I understood what made them all so unique. They are inspired, passionate and adventurous. A marvelous combination. From the unique wedding dress, to the art work that covers their house, to the giant happy fun family photos on the walls or the authentically Mexican themed bathroom ... I knew, their Quadra Island wedding would be amazing.

Katie, was radiant. Relaxed. Excited. Brandon, was cool. Collected. Calm. Together, these two make wedding photography the most incredibly rewarding experience. Again, real moments= real magic.

Katie and Brandon...I told you on Saturday, but will let you know again... you both are pure magic.

Below Katie's sisters contemplate her makeup... it got hilarious, when they realized they could quickly turn into the 'evil sister's role... sisters Sorry, but makeup alone, doesn't make you this pretty. Katie I told you, radiant. Relaxed. Excited. happyperfumeso darn prettyamazing Cool. Collected and Calm. Groom Again, I'm not a huge ring shot fan... but Katie's aunties artwork, makes for an incredible setting for their beautifully simply gold bands. rings Their beautiful ceremony at Luna Vista Bed and Breakfast, overlooking the stunning Rebecca Spit. Ceremonyso wonderfulSo Happy So happy. So handsome! congrats An excited congratulations from Grandma. congrats Brothers and Sisters and laughter. A wildly beautiful combination. brothers and sisters a buncha happy peopletwirl Love this series lovelookslovelyalong a loga painting You can't make images like this, without a lot of love. Impossible. kissperfect daysweetness May the world shower nothing but blessings on you both, always. stunning