Fleeting moments

From the moment I spoke to Raya on the phone, I was hooked. Absolutely.

I knew their wedding would be different, spirited, beautiful. I knew that by the sound of her voice. When I met her on Sunday, in Powell River, BC. I knew, without a doubt in my mind, that her images would be among my favorites. She didn't want to sit still. In fact, she couldn't really. Raya didn't want what everyone else wanted. She didn't want to focus on 'photos' or doing things the way you think they should be done. Not only did she challenge those around her to do things the Raya way, but she challenged me to melt into her day, to not do what I usually do at a wedding. (ie: have some control over when the photos are happening) but rather rely solely on my photojournalistic roots and absolutely go with the flow. Move with the crowds, blend in, the entire time. Even during 'photo time' it wasn't in my hands.

To be honest, it was absolute magic really.

I kept thinking, "oh, I hope this is what she wants" and I really hoped she wouldn't be disappointed with my images. Her email to me just now, confirmed that we were all on the right track. Her email in fact, may be the most candid and touching I've ever received from a beautiful bride. So much so, that I actually burst into big beautiful tears while reading it, a few times.

My word for Greg would be solid, and for Raya... fleeting. Catch her if you can.

Meet Greg, Raya, their family and friends. Enjoy their wedding images, I certainly do.

We photographed the first look between Raya and Greg before the ceremony, here Raya is making her way towards Greg. Which I loved, as after the ceremony it was all about celebrating, connecting and enjoying the day. p.s...She doesn't wear shoes while in Powell River. Yes, this place is real.

So stressful.

With Neil Young on the Ipod, the shoes are bound to come off. Greg's dad warmly and emotionally welcoming Raya into the family. Raya and her nephew and, niece.. Swimming? in the ocean? at a wedding!? AWESOME.

Some of the best speeches I've ever heard, came from this wedding. Soulful, sweet, and not to mention absolutely hysterically funny. This was during Raya's friend Erin's speech... "again, I was in awe of my friend Raya." Congratulations to you both.